Deat at the Day Lily Cafe Book Cover Art

Rosalie Hart returns to the Chesapeake Bay in this delightful traditional

cozy mystery series with to-die-for recipes and small-town charm.

Death at the Day Lily Café

Rosalie Hart has finally opened the café of her dreams. Decked out with ochre-tinted walls and stuffed with delicious organic fare, the Day Lily Café is everything Rosalie could have hoped for. But not five minutes into the grand opening, Doris Bird, a dear and trusted friend, cashes in on a favor--to help clear her little sister of a first degree murder charge.


With the help of her best friend and head waiter Glenn, Rosalie is on the case. But it's not going to be easy. Unlikable and provocative, murder victim Carl James Fiddler seems to have insulted nearly everyone in Cardigan, and the suspect let grows daily. And when Rosalie's daughter Annie gets caught in the crossfire, the search for the killer becomes personal.

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