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Rosé Balsamic Vinegar

Welcome to Amore Della Settimana


In this blog I feature my culinary love of the week and lots of different ways to use it. I tend to get pretty excited when I find an ingredient that exponentially increases the flavor of food. And that’s what I’ll share with you here.


This week: Rosé Balsamic VinegarOne of my favorite things about where I live is the year-round farmers’ market every Saturday morning. A recent addition to the wide range of fresh produce and baked goods is Our Greek Market.
Our Greek Market offers olives, olive oils, and vinegars imported directly from Greece. The other morning I was raving about how much I love their rosé balsamic to Peggy, the woman hosting the table that day, and she started telling me some of the ways she uses it. 

Peggy’s recommendations

Pour over vanilla ice cream

Drizzle over raspberries

(According to Peggy, when she offers these raspberries to her 3 year old granddaughter she says, “I not share.”)

Watermelon Salad

Toss cubed seedless watermelon with baby arugula (and/or basil) and crumbled feta cheese. Drizzle vinaigrette over the salad.


For me, I make a basic vinaigrette:

2 T extra virgin olive oil

1 T rosé vinegar

minced shallot

salt and pepper to taste

(Double or triple recipe depending on number of servings)

The subtle sweetness of the vinegar makes everything come alive in your mouth.

Visit their website: 

rose balsamic
Peggy from Our Greek Market
Our Greek Market logo
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