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Spoiler Alert for those who have not read Mystery at Windswept Farm

Mystery at Windswept Farm
Wendy Sand Eckel

  1. Did you enjoy the book and will you read the next Rosalie Hart mystery?

  2. Did you like the writing — descriptions, dialog, narration, character development, story arc?

  3. Annie, Rosalie’s daughter, plays a small role in this book. Would you like to see more of Annie in book 4? Who else would you like to see in book 4?

  4. Did you race to the end or was it a slow burn?

  5. Does the author have a style of writing that reminds you of other writers?

  6. Did reading Mystery at Windswept Farm impact your mood? Did you laugh? Cry? Smile? Will you remember it in a few months or years?

  7. Which character did you like the best? The least?

  8. Which character could you relate to or empathize with the most?

  9. How did the setting impact the story? Would you like to visit the Eastern Shore of Maryland?

  10. Sheriff Wilgus treats Jojo and Janice differently than the others during the investigation. What do you think of his rationalization for this?

  11. Do you want Rosalie and Sheriff Wilgus’ relationship to continue to improve?

  12. Was Bini wrong to go to Ronnie Kline’s house?

  13. Was Janice a sympathetic character?

  14. What did Oliver learn?

  15. Would you like to have Oliver for a brother?

  16. What do you make of the arc of Rosalie’s relationship with Tyler?

  17. Did you enjoy seeing where Tyler lived? What do you think of his lifestyle?

  18. Who would you have chosen — Marco or Tyler?

  19. Do you want Rosalie to travel to Italy to study with Marco in another book?

  20. Was Marco an authentic character?

  21. Marco quotes Anthony Bordain when he says, “Food is power.” What does that mean to you?

  22. Did reading the book make you hungry?

  23. Rosalie has strong memories of her childhood friend, Carly Calderone. Did you have a friend whose home life was enviable or very different from your own?

  24. Does it surprise you how much the loss of her mother and aunt continue to impact Rosalie?

  25. Both Rosalie and Jojo were hesitant to embrace inheriting a large farm and house. What would you do if you inherited a large estate on the Eastern Shore of Maryland?

  26. Did any scene spook you or get under your skin?

  27. What was your favorite scene?

  28. Did you guess who did it? If so, how soon?

  29. Did you like the ending?

  30. If you could ask the author anything, what would it be?

  31. Would you recommend this book to a friend?


Thank you for reading Mystery at Windswept Farm. If you enjoyed the read, please give it some stars and /or a quick review on a bookseller’s website.


Wendy Sand Eckel loves book clubs. If you are too far away for her to join you in person, she is available to facetime/zoom/talk on the phone with book club gatherings.

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